Interview With a Teacher

Interview with a Computer Science teacher at my school.

Arjun: Hello ma’am, today I will ask you some question on fossasia, google code in and open source contributors

Neha: Sure, go ahead

Arjun: So, ma’am could you give us a brief intro of yours.

Neha: Yes, I am a CS teacher in JPIS, Jaipur and have done my graduation in Jaipur as well

Arjun: Ok so ma’am can you give us your views on google-code-in.

Neha: I think it is a great opportunity for high school students to learn coding and get more experience. I have told all my students to participate.

Arjun: Wow ma’am, Can you tell us your opinion on fossasia and open source contributing.

Neha: Fossasia is one of the leading organisations in open source contrbuting and being in the GCI it helps students all over the globe to get accustomed to open source software.

Arjun: Thank you ma’am

Come visit: GCI

Contribute today: Fossasia


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