Flying with Fossasia

What is the GCI?

What is this competition you ask, it is a global platform for young computer fanatics like us to show our skills. It is an open challenge in which high schools students get to complete a variety of tasks for major open-source organisations. It is a helpful start for the beginners and a challenge for the skilled ones. Participants get to work on open software and win exciting prizes like t-shirts, certificates and sweatshirts

My Journey till now.

Its now been over a week to the initiation of my journey with Fossasia. My journey so far has been constantly overwhelming, from reaching the leaderboard in just 5 days to inumerable amount of issue opened closed and merged. Today I want to talk about the experience of solving my first issue. Last year too I was a participant of this competition but belonged to a different organisation, an organisation named Drupal. But due to my inabilities, lack of experience and knowledge, could only move forward to complete two tasks. Filled with disappointment I was set on a mission to brush my skills and achieve proficiency in this interest of mine. Over the months through different articles, course and websites I got accustomed to the art of Web development.

Starting off my mission, I still was in confusion of my choice of organisation. Often I heard my peers and seniors talk about Fossasia and GCI, and to my sheer incompetence could never decode their conversation. Finally this year I realised the true meaning of their talks and the focus of their dedication.

Just recently(six days back), one of the tasks that I took up was to solve an issue at the issue tracker, and again was in confoundment by the questions asked, but I had three of my fellow contributors for rescue, after an hour of questions and help taken I finally submitted my first PR. Since working with Fossasia I have really enhanced as a developer and have come into acquaintance of many new features especially of Github.

The focus of my issue

Although a newbie topic my first issue was based on the development of the mentors section. In my attempt I had added a mentor to my section. For me the size of the issue is not a major concern but the elements to learn hold a much more valuable teaching. Hoping to continue my experience with GCI I will be back with more

Happy New Year and

Happy Coding!


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